Future Updates

Future Updates and User Suggestions
(If you have an update request, please use the contact form or email support@rainlog.com.au !)

1. Option for multiple rain gauges.

2. More graphing selections.

3. Extra screen to show total rain in month / year, days since last rain, wettest day, month with lowest rainfall.

4. Record rain gauge location. Either address or Latitude / Longitude. (for user’s reference only. Will not be shared with other users. Would be used for multiple rain gauges).

5. Look at possibility of sharing data with other users.

6. Add ability to monitor different customised Rainfall Seasons.

7. Ability to record snowfall depth.
(Possibly show different graphs for snow or rainfall)

8. Ability to record temperature Highs and Lows.

9. Ability to select number of years for averages to be calculated.

10. Grey out averages if there is not enough data entered.

11. Allow app to use portrait and landscape mode.

12. Give option in iPad version to see full screen graphs.

13. Add the option to have a default icon already picked when opening up the add rainfall page.