Why did my rainfall entries disappear when I turned on ‘Use iCloud’?
When you select ‘Use iCloud’, Rain Log will automatically create a backup of any data you have and place it in your backup folder in Rain Log.
When iCloud is connected it will start with no data loaded. To reload your data, just go to your backup screen and restore the backup which was created.
You only need to restore this data to one device. ICloud will take care of loading the data onto your other devices which you have Rain Log on and are selected to also use iCloud.

Why does Rain Log seem to have frozen?
When iCloud is enabled, the first time the data is synced, Rain Log may seem to Freeze for a short time. Please be patient and wait and when iCloud is finished transferring information, Rain Log will return to normal. This is only a problem on the first synchronisation.

Why won’t Rain Log work in landscape mode?
Rain Log has only been programmed to work in portrait mode.

How can I quickly jump to different dates on the calendar?
Tap the month/year title at the top of the calendar and it will bring up a selection for you to select a date to jump to.

When backing up data, what is the Delimiter?
Rain Log data is being backed up using a csv format. (comma separated variable). The delimiter is the character which is used to denote that it is the end of one field of data and the beginning of the next field of data. There are a lot of instances where a comma works find, but if you have been using a comma in your recorded data then this comma will get noticed as the beginning of another data field. For this reason Rain Log also includes the option to use a TAB as the delimiter.
An example of this being an issue would be if you are typing commas while entering your rainfall comments. This is when you would use a TAB as the delimiter.