CSV Backup File


1. Create your backup in RainLog and then email it to yourself. (Backup is created by going to settings and selecting BACKUPS. Click ‘Create Backup’. Now click on the backup which has been created and you will see the option to email it)

2. Save your RainLog.bak file to your computer. (The file will look something likeĀ RainLog_04_03_14.bak)

3. Open Excel.

4. In Excel, select File, Open, change the file type (It might be called Enable) to All Files.

5. Select the backup file and choose ‘Open’.

6. A text import wizard should pop up. Select Delimited and press next.

7. Select the type of Delimiter used. It will be either comma or Tab. You should be able to see it written on the first line of the Data Preview in the popup window. (It should read either Delimiter = Comma or Delimiter = Tab)

8. Click finish and your spreadsheet should open.